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One of the most frequent questions I get asked is what to do for back pain that started less than a week ago. The Physical Therapists at Total Balance get approached several times a week asking what to do in this situation. The majority of the time our answer is the same: Try and live life normally. Get out, move, run, exercise, and do things that you enjoy. Most cases of acute low back pain will get better in a few days, and the major thing that people need is reassurance that they’re going to be OK. At Total Balance we strive to be your primary care providers for everything related to the musculoskeletal system. To do that properly, often times we tell people that there is no need to see us for acute issues, such as back pain. If you have a recent onset of low back pain we would love for you to stop and chat, but the vast majority of the time you don’t need anyone to make you feel better, whether it’s us at Total Balance, the chiropractor, your massage therapist, etc. So if you’ve recently tweaked your back and are scared or nervous about what to do next, give us a call. Hopefully we can get you feeling more confident in your ability to handle the situation independently.

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