Why Total Balance?

Consulting first with our physical therapists can reduce your recovery time. We can evaluate your condition and initiate immediate and appropriate treatment of your injury, saving you time and money.

The F/M area's only facilities to offer:

  • physical therapy
  • nutrition therapy
  • personal training
  • complete fitness center

All under one roof.

Our goal is to get you 100% better, so you can get back to doing what you love!


"... Extremely knowledgeable and will exhaust all efforts in finding a solution to the problem. Highly recommend."

-Tyler Hetland


"BEST gym I’ve ever been to with amazing instructors, staff and members! I would recommend this to each and every woman I know on the planet. At Total Balance you will find your fitness and wellness home, I did!"



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Our Mission

Total Balance Physical Therapy and Fitness is a combination out-patient physical therapy clinic and fitness center in the FM Area and Hawley, MN. We specialize in getting you back to doing the things you love! Our goal is to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and wellness. 



At Total Balance we offer out-patient physical therapy, nutrition therapy, personal training, group fitness classes, body screening, a fully stocked fitness center, and much more! Check out our facilities today!